This last week has been a bit crazy.  I think I got in one bike ride and that may be about it.  The conference calls I’m on only last 7-15 minutes and I don’t even have long enough to figuratively catch my breath before it’s my turn to give my standup and then catch my breath again and the call is done.  That’s nice, it also means I need to work in my workout in other ways.

This week is going to be focusing on getting in the exercise.  I’m not going to rush it, not gonna push it.  I’m going to just do it.  The last two weeks have sucked b/c I wanted to ride out at the track, but my car was dinged pretty good so I can’t haul bikes until after it’s fixed this week.  So, I need to either ride stationary or do some walking.  I’d like to get in 5 miles of bike riding a day or 3-5 miles of walking a day.  I want to limit the time to < 60 minutes – however, I'm aware that for 5 miles biking I may have to go up to 80 minutes at first.  We'll have to see.  The trail I ride is half uphill and half downhill and the uphill part kicks my butt every time.

I have changed my measurements tracking to be a gdoc spreadsheet – I got tired of copying and pasting the html and adding a new column – which all seemed like a waste of time to do when I could just put it in a spreadsheet and bam! instant awesome.

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