I forgot to post this on Sunday.  I was wrapped up with everything going on from a great Friday and Saturday of “wind therapy.”

I’m happy with my progress.  It’s not as fast as I’d like, however, I’m also not working out.  I weighed myself Friday night b/c I was pretty excited to be 278 again.  Saturday morning I weighed 277.8 so I was even more excited.

I still have not come around to workout.  I’ve switched my work schedule to more London time this last week and a half or so.  That has freed up my afternoons for other stuff I’ve wanted to get done, but haven’t had the time for with evenings so rushed.

I think tomorrow, I’ll go out to the OTC campus and walk or ride the track for 5miles – that’s 4 laps around.  I can do that in about an hour and 15 mins.  I may also do the Feel Good Full Body workout since I’ll have time.  Finishing work at 1pm gives me an average of 3.5 hours to get my workout in and do stuff I wouldn’t normally be able to get done.

Last note, I’ve not had a soda since the 23rd of September.  I ate some biscuits and gravy Saturday and I had eaten out Monday at Which Wich and at the Gold Cup Finals I had some hamburger buns and 2 Grape PowerAids.  Everything else has been according to the Bad Ass Body Diet and I’ve felt great.  Pre-note, tomorrow I’m having pizza with an old friend of mine.

I’ll figure out tomorrow’s plan.  Each day will get a little faster as I don’t have to stop and take breaks in between reps.  So we’ll see what happens.

EDIT: well google docs for this is gone.  I’ll have to wire up another one.

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