Another great week.  Hit another low weight at 277.

I’ve not had a soda since sept 23rd (+/- 19 days) and I haven’t eaten anything from a restaurant or drive thru (save some burgers at the hockey game) either. I’ve been much better about planning when i’ll eat if i’m out of the house. I’ve also stuck with my eating plan (which isn’t like a diet, I could eat this same way for pretty much ever). I’m also drinking between 8 and 16 glasses of water a day. I did have a donut hole yesterday and it tasted like crap b/c I’ve not had sugar like that since I gave up soda.
That has meant a drop from 284 to 277. It’s also meant some additional size drops of about 1/4 inch off my belly and butt. I don’t like slow – however, I’d rather do it this way, than fast and regain. I’d also like to continue on the road down to 180ish.

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