This was a good week for my weight, workout, eating, and size – not a good week for finances.
I saw a low of 274 this week (probably will again tomorrow – I go through a couple day weight gain then a drop).
My workout this week has been walking for at least an hour (about 3 miles on the OTC trail here in Ozark). I’m on London time for a while so I am off work at 1 and start walking. Then I get other stuff around the house done until the kids get home and then it’s racing for all of the kids events.
In the last month I’ve lost an inch off my chest, an 1.25″ off my belly, 1.5″ off my butt, and 1.25″ off my thighs. My caliper measurements are even showing losses – woot!
It’s now been 3 1/2 weeks since I had any soda and I had pizza last night and even had some ice cream last night.
I feel really good. My body doesn’t ache. My intestines don’t feel bad. My pants are falling off again. Yesterday, I found that one pair of pants had a hole start in them. I found a pair of 44s in my closet and thought I wouldn’t fit into them. I did, with room to spare.

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