W15D0 – BABC

This last week went really well. I did eat processed foods Fri nite and Sat night… I had Sonic Grilled Chicken sandwich an A1 steak burger thing at BK and a reeses peanut butter cup pie (the first sugar like that I’ve had since sept) I’m still restricting my intake to 1200 a day – though, I did go over one day. I got zero walks in last week, though I did get a couple of bike rides in and yesterday I played hockey (on inline skates) with lucas for about a half hour. My “fatboy” underwear just fall off now and my 44 pants that were tight a couple weeks ago are now pretty loose. I used to want to lose weight fast, bc I’m fn impatient. Losing 2-3 pounds a week is ok with me now, b/c being fat is killing me slowly – so instead of making a bunch of big progress and then gaining it back, I’m ok with losing it as slowly as I gained it. I am going to ramp up my exercise this month and make it a priority every day instead of whenever. My only goal is 260 by Dec 1 – I was hoping to see 260 by next Sunday. I do not see that happening, and I’m not disappointed about it.

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