Week 16D0 – BABC

this last week I’ve eaten out twice – once at an all you can eat japanese buffet (I cleaned them out) and the second at a pizza place.  Both were planned events.  Tonight I’m going to a BBQ.  All-in-all, I’m down to 268 (2 pounds for the week) – total weight loss since Feb 14 is 29 pounds (started at 297+).  And total weight loss in the last two months is on track at 18 pounds.  I hope to see 260 in the next week, but it may take until dec 1st.

I put in my measurements and I’m at 28% bodyfat – that’s down from 36% since dec of last year.  My waist has gotten even smaller AND I found out that I have baggy skin on my knees – different, but not like saggy skin lol.

overall, measurements have dropped steadily – the most noticeable were the caliper measurements that dropped by quite a bit this last week.

I feel really good.  Still pushing about 1200 calories a day, walked 3 times this week – didn’t get as much exercise in as I wanted to – and I drink about a gallon of water a day.  Still no soda since Sep 23rd when I had the final 20oz Dr Pepper for breakfast.

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