W17D1 – BABC

Well, it’s taken all of last week to get back to where I was from the week before.  I had multiple vet lunches and dinners with people.  I ate bad for 5 days or so.  I still haven’t given in to a soda – I’m quite happy with that.  However, last week was a downer for me.  I went from 268 on the 6th to 278 by the 12th.  I knew most of that was just the food I was eating b/c my measurements hadn’t gone up – that was the only reason I didn’t fall back and hit a “fk this sht if I can’t do it then i’m just gonna be fat” kind of depression.  However, I didn’t workout at all last week.  I did try on some of the tshirts I have bought over the last year and a half and many of the XLs fit pretty well now.  I also hit a point Friday morning where I was sure I was going to die.  I had something hit me hard – then it went away by about 3 friday afternoon.  I thought it was going to come back last night, but this morning I woke up feeling great.  it could’ve been allergens (Friday mold was really high).  i’m going to attribute it to eating all of that processed food last week.

This weekend, I got back to eating the way I planned and I feel much better today.

I have a goal to do at least 30 mins on the stationary bike or elliptical each day this week.  I’d rather walk out at OTC for an hour, but today and tomorrow look like rain is coming so maybe wed, thurs, fri I’ll walk.

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