W25D0 – BABC

I managed to get through only 2ish weeks of depression before I got back into working out.

You can see that about 29Nov was just before the depressive period.  I was starting to go up slowly.  Around the 13th or so I hit full stride until the 4th of January or so when I decided to get back into working out and so last week I went back to eating correctly and drinking a ton of water a day and worked out 3 times on the stationary bike.  Except for the physical weight, I’m almost exactly back where I was at the end of November.

01/11/16 01/05/16 12/20/15 12/13/15 12/06/15 11/29/15
weight 276 284.4 278 272 270 268
neck 16.25 16.5 16.5 16 16.5 16
chest 40.5 41.5 40.8 40.5 40.5 40.25
navel 45 46 44 44.75 44.5 44.5
hips 49.5 51.75 49.5 49 49 49
thigh 27.5 28.25 27.25 27 27.5 27.5
caliper chest 30 28 30 24 26 30
caliper abs 34 38 36 34 34 34
caliper thigh 32 36 36 32 32 32

In this time, I realized that my depressive episodes are related to specific dates and once I realize that I can make a change.  I’ll still be depressed and I crave things like reeses peanut butter cups… a lot of them.  I need to get over the feeling that I am not worthy.  Once I can do that I can break through my wall.  I’m going to push pretty hard this week to get my weight and size back down to that first reading on the right.  I can do it.  Then I’ll break through that wall again.

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