W26D0 – BABC

26 weeks.  A half year of blogging each week (I think I missed a week somewhere, I’ll have to look).  I’ve logged in to MyFitnessPal 412 days in a row.
Well, Saturday I went to check on my weight and found that the batteries had eaten into the scale – what do you expect after 6 years? So, I am scale-less. The last weight I had was 277 a few days ago. I have a tape and calipers. I’m going to base my progress on those measurements and not get too concerned with my weight. My goal is to push as hard as I can until St Pats Day. I need to be smaller – being this big is literally killing me. I’ve attempted to push before and succeeded in some cases – this push has to be a good one. I was supposed to start back to school tonight, but it’s a holiday. I need to push in order to be smaller, but also to reduce the stress of working full-time, going to school full-time, and then juggling kids.
Still no soda, almost 4 months (like sept 23 or 24 or something). I had a sweet tea last thursday and the caffeine head ache was rough… and I couldn’t sleep or concentrate so that sucked.

I’ll update measurements later.  They didn’t really change from last week which was expected b/c I got in 2 bike rides last week, but not more and I didn’t eat as well as I could have.  I didn’t eat crappy.  I just didn’t eat as well as I could have.  A lot of stress.  But I didn’t eat any candy like when I go through the depressive phases before an anniversary event.

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