W31D1 – BABC

I don’t know why I’ve not been blogging once a week.  Probably because I’ve been attending school full-time and working full-time and then I have my family full-time – so I just haven’t had the time.  What I have had time for has been working out.  This starts my 5th week of workouts.  The first week was 30 mins 5 days a week on the stationary bike (21 speed).  The 2nd & 3rd weeks were 45 minutes 5 days a week on the stationary bike. Last week was 90 minutes 3days (I wanted to do 6 days but got caught in a whirlwind of school and home stuff) with 45 mins of strength and 45 stationary bike.  In one week I dropped from 285 to 277.  Over the course of 2 weeks I’ve lost 2.2 pounds (1 kilo)… and in terms of January 11, I’m 1 pound over what I was at that taping.

This week is the same as last week 90 minutes (45 strength, 45 bike).  I have 5 weeks left to my deadline and I want to get below 260… I’d like to be 255.  22 pounds in 5 weeks is doable, right? 3.50-4.4 pounds a week will get me to between 255 and 259 (I want UNDER 260).  I feel like the 90 minutes is just the right amount.  I don’t want to go over that and I don’t want to go under.  If I split it up it’s 10 mins every hour during the work day.  If I don’t then it’s just 90 minutes… but when I ride I study at the same time so I get a bonus of kinesthetic movement while studying.  If I do the 90 mins then I break it up by one circuit then ride the bike and back and forth which seems to be doing well for me.

The final change I made was not pulling the tape tight.  I was pulling the tape really tight and artificially deflating the numbers, so-to-speak, so that I would feel better about my weight loss and size… but if the pants don’t fit then the lie catches up to you 🙂  So last weeks numbers were highter than normal b/c I went with real numbers and not pulling the tape tight

My latest numbers – not going to post the spreadsheet this week:
neck 16
chest 40.75 – down 1 inch
belly button 47.5 – down .5″
hips 50.75 – down 2
thigh 28.25 – down .75
chest caliper 34 – up 2mm
abs caliper 40 – no change
thigh caliper 30 – no change

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