Week 34 and photos

I haven’t had a Coke since September 23 (or 24th I can’t remember) – approx 5.5 months or so.

I’ve been working out at least 4x a week for a while now (8 weeks?).  I haven’t lost a lot of weight.  I have lost a lot of size… which is better to me.  I’ve been doing 60 mins on my stationary bike and 45 min strength workout daily for up to 6 days a week.  I’ve been eating close to 1200-1400 calories a day and eating good pre and post workout.  I haven’t had a tastykake or anything like that in 3 weeks (?) now.  I feel really good – a bit stressed about job, school, family, hobbies… but really good overall.

I am not hitting my weight loss goals. I was supposed to be between 262 and 266.  I’m about 8 pounds off right now.  I can probably make that happen by Friday – I’d rather have my belly drop in size another half inch… we’ll see.

Mar2016 2Feb15 19Jan2015 July2014 May2014 Jan2010 

Jan 2010 – 270
May 2014 – 283
July 2014 – 277
Jan 2015 – 268
Feb 2015 – 264
Mar 2016 – 274

I copied the last post about photos with comparisons so I could put all of these side-by-side with todays.

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