Some days it doesn’t seem like I’ve been at this so long… other days it seems like forever.  Week 52… that means I started actively tracking my progress a year ago.

So where am I today?  I’m smaller.  I don’t weigh much different.  I’m not quite as active as I was.  When you skip one day of working out it’s easier to justify “it’s only one day.”  I haven’t kept up my logging like I was with a spreadsheet.  Part of that is that I don’t want to see that I’ve not made progress.  I feel better than I did a year ago.  4 years ago I started walking regularly and eating better.  That’s been a roller coaster that you look back on and say “if I’d just kept up I’d’ve been done by now” – it’s hard not to compare to having “kept up.”

Where do I go from here?  Well, I will be riding my stationary bike 60 mins a day for the next 30 days.  I am going to do progressive pushups to be able to do at least one handstand pushup.  I built a climbing wall in my basement so I can climb – which is difficult at 270+ pounds and unable to do a pull up.  I’m also going to move my TRX into that room since that’ll be the workout/play room.  My big challenge is going to keep it up even when I don’t want to or when I don’t feel well.  Consistency is the key.

I have had issues with attention and memory for a long time – we’re talking about 14 years or so.  The only timeframe that I didn’t have an issue was the 14 months in Iraq… Since I’ve been back I’ve not remembered much of years before 2002 when my daughter was born.  I can remember some items back to the 80s but not a lot and I used t remember almost everything.  I read several studies about antihistimines and memory – and zyrtec was on the list but “not as bad as benadryl” – I took a lot of benadryl from 2004-2008 to sleep which is when I started realizing I had memory issues.  I’ve been taking zyrtec twice a day since 2002 EXCEPT during the 14 months I was deployed because there were no allergens there.  So a week ago I quit zyrtec so we’re still seeing how that’s going, but I’m hoping it’s going to clear my head quite a bit.  Where I’m going is: I’m hoping the combination of exercise with lack of zyrtec helps clear my head and improves my memory to the point of even allowing me to access past memories that I think I should remember… we’ll see.  I already know that quitting Coke (sugary drink) in Sept has helped quite a bit and I have a better mood with exercise.

Let’s see where the road takes us.

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