Here it is.  Time for my workout logs to come out regularly.  I was reading some articles on something related (it’s early still) and figured out what I was doing wrong with my workouts.  I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me sooner, it only made sense.  I was increasing my reps but not my weight.  That worked for me.  However, I dreaded doing 50 of xyz.  8-12 reps with added weight is much easier to get through.  If anyone is reading this they’re going “well duh.”  My new workout plan keeps the same exercises 4x a week but I add reps (up to 4) and weight (and difficulty in the form of the TRX in some cases) as I go.

Today’s workout will be 2 rock wall sessions at 20 mins each, a strength session about 20-40 mins, and stationary bike ride on the mag trainer for 60 mins.  Today is kind of a dry run to see how the workout goes and if there’s anything I struggle with and also for time so I can get a better feel of how long each set goes.

I almost fell from the rock wall and when my 270+ pound body yanked my shoulder I remembered what I did Thursday to injure my shoulder.  Luckily, no injuries today.  I broke out the weight vest today.  Been walking around and doing exercises with 10# in the vest.

Exhausting day and I’ve forgotten to eat most of it.  At this point I’m almost out of energy as I’ve expended far more than I’ve taken in.  A good day otherwise.  I need to do my weekly measurements tonight and weight.  I’m not really sure what else as I’m pretty much out of energy… I said that.

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