It has been such a crazy ride.  70 weeks and virtually no progress… and that’s just what I’ve posted about.  In reality this struggle has been going on since Dec 2008 (416 weeks)… and that’s too long.  I still haven’t figured out how to get past the feelings of unworthiness that I believe hold me back in accomplishing my goals.  So this run I’m reminded of a Bruce Lee quote, paraphrased, choose to do one difficult thing each day; even if I don’t want to work out, i’ll choose to workout when and how I’m supposed to.

This last week I cut out almost all sugars that don’t come from fruit, veg, or meat.  I’ve felt great.  I did have some sweet tea, an amaretto sour, and 4 slices of bread — after the bread I had really bad headaches.  I didn’t do bad last week.

This week I hit the workouts more.  I will do 10-20 mins on the rockwall, 60 mins on the stationary bike on the hardest resistance, and 30-60 mins of strength training wearing a 10# weight vest.

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