This is the end of week 3 for me on a Protein Sparing Modified Fast. I eat chicken and fish through the day netting 140ish grams of protein and I have romaine lettuce with green olives and a little ranch netting < 20g carbs – total calories is less than 800 and I feel great. I did not add a workout in like I had hoped until yesterday which was really good.
waist – start 49 now 46.75
chest – start 43 now 42
my weight isn’t dropping way off like it normally would. I started at 291.4 and now 277.2
I fit into XL shirts again. It also occurred to me that my waist is about 20″ larger than it was 20 years ago. I had between a 28 and 32″ waist. My thighs are 29″ now – they’ve always been big because of rollerblading and playing hockey in my teens and 20s.
Two friends of mine have pissed… uh I mean inspired me to push on. I was also inspired by the fact that my dad and grandmother have alzheimers and I was reading some papers on belly fat in your early 40s and the higher risk of dementia in your 60s-80s. I also came to an agreement with myself over past survivors guilt. I don’t feel it anymore – once I figured out I was literally killing myself by eating I worked through those issues.

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