Bullying is Bad

Recently, a video of Keaton Jones was posted crying about being bullied. Heart-wrenching. My own kids have been bullied or stood up for those who have been bullied. I’ve been bullied.

There are some stories coming out that his mother has had some racist posts and her boyfriend(?) has had some racist posts. If the mother and boyfriend are opportunists capitalizing on the tears of their son’s tragedy that is nothing short of atrocious. Their actions do not take away from Keaton’s bullied tears and please don’t let it take away from his message let alone the message of bullying. The outpouring of support isn’t there for his family it is there for Keaton. His family will receive some of the castoff from these gifts, but they are not the intended recipients.

Bullying is not ok. We have seen bullying many times in the past. It has been justified, in the past, by some to include victim-blaming and more. Bullying should not be justified under any circumstances. When you reach out to help one person you can change a life and that person may change the lives around them and hopefully for the better. What is for sure is that his life has changed in the interim and hopefully for the better.

Be you. Be an individual. Don’t just follow those around you. Don’t just listen to the loudest voices. Think critically. Stand up for those that can’t. Don’t bully others. Be kind to one another even if you don’t think someone else deserves kindness.

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