The Patriot – Amazon Series – Spoilers and Review

The Amazon series The Patriot was recommended to me. I’ll tell you very little about the series backstory and more about how it is an allegory to how it relates to my life; rather how I related to the show through my life.

The show is a dark comedy, brilliantly written, cast, directed, and more. It is superb and definitely not for everyone. The short summary of the show is that it is about a veteran who does shadow ops as part of a family affair. He gets hired to do a cover job which legitimizes his travels overseas so he can take care of business in Europe.

Spoilers follow:

The main character, John, is depressed. As the show goes on we find out more about him and his backstory as well as the backstory of why he’s pretending to be a pipe mechanical engineer. He fixes one mistake only to make one more unforeseen mistake and have to cover that up. This is his life for the rest of the series. If he doesn’t cover up a mistake then that mistake leads to another mistake or the reveal of another mistake and roads on and on. His one love is to play guitar and sing songs with lyrics that are brutally honest and dark. It’s the one thing he cannot do and we find out that Europe loves one of his songs but he can’t go on tour because then he’d be well known and then couldn’t be an assassin black-ops agent. Think, poor man who is a good operative, but not flashy and shitty stuff happens to him. He has to rely on the incompetent around him to get things done or put things in place and hope they’re done on time so that he doesn’t get caught.

The show seems slow at times and you can tell that all he wants is for something to happen to him so that he doesn’t have to do this job anymore.  Anything. He doesn’t want to die, he just doesn’t want to be responsible for others anymore.

The allegory of this show is relatable to me and I think if you watch the show fully and are able to ingest all of it you’ll understand the suffering John goes through; his enjoyment and love of his wife, brother, father, friends, and even his job. You’ll also understand that with all of that stress and the amount of pressure he’s been under for years that he just wants some time off – to get away and be irresponsible, which he gets a chance to do in some flashbacks. He wants to be free of others asking of him since he can’t say no. He feels obligated to say yes to everyone. He feels obligated to fix everyone’s problems even at the risk of not being able to fix or take care of himself. It’s a very powerful message.

If you’re looking for a dark comedy that has an exceptional cast and writing, then The Patriot is for you.

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