SERINDA – updated tests

I updated some of the code to allow me to turn on and off filters for video.  That means that I can write a new overlay filter for video, say for parsing a sudoku puzzle, and now turn it on or off when I want.  I also have the ability to implement multiple filters at a time.  I can take the video work I’ve done in Python and make individual filters and then add them to the library.  Now, what I did find was my Java brain was trying to pass in objects and expect them to act the same.  I didn’t consider that I needed to do something different and I forgot about that when I started.  It took a few days (not whole days obviously I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff) of debugging off and on to figure out what I did and how to fix it.

What I needed to do was pass an aggregate filter that calls methods of a utility class that builds inside the aggregate. There are other ways to do this.  I could create an inner version like AngularJS likes to do.  A self-referenced version.

I’ve decided that I’d rather have utility classes that I build my filter objects with.  They’re reusable components anyway and they’re not going to be munging anything so that’ll be ok.

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