So much to do

I’ve got so many pieces I need to wrap my head around.  So many parts to get caught up on.  I’ve spent 2 years working with OpenCV and various aspects of the individual pieces.  I am versed in AngularJS, but not Angular 6.  My previous work in OpenGL and game development makes reading and understanding Three.js, AR.js, and AFrame look easy enough.  However, I don’t have the time to go through them, yet.  I don’t have any understanding of Unity programming, though, what I’ve seen it looks pretty straight forward.  Again, though, I don’t have time to get into it.  Leap Motion, one of the crucial parts of my work and moving around my work and world eventually I don’t have time to work with the LeapC or even previous Leap Motion Javascript or Python libraries to get a leg forward.  I also need to probably move away from the webkits I’m using and integrate something like pocketsphinx.  I really need to wire some NLP to the speech modules.  And eventually, I’m going to need to get some of the neural networks going so I can analyze data (which will come with those implementations of whatever those pieces are – facial recognition, object recognition).  I need to integrate my video work and image work for object recognition and detection from Python.  I now need to integrate front end processing ideas to send to the back end and then the back end sends the processed item back – from node to python then back to node.

There’s just a lot to do.  What happens with me isn’t that I can’t do any of this.  It’s that I’m isolated.  I start working on a piece and I can see how it’s supposed to happen.  I can feel how that rotation is supposed to work.  But when I look at the code it’s sometimes like staring into a swimming pool.  You’re holding a cup and attempting to scoop out one part of the water to get to a tile on the bottom.  In your mind, it looks like Jello, easy to scoop to and fix.  But in reality, it’s water right now.  Eventually, you’ll figure out how to make it Jello.

What I would love is a tech group in my area that’s interested in the same things I am that can sit and talk about this stuff for hours and even give small presentations that explain this in just enough detail that you can understand.  Even an online one that doesn’t have a bunch of dicks in it would be fine.

My problem is really that I want to learn it all right now and I’m constrained by the limits of technology and time that I can’t just learn it all right now.  So, instead of being able to focus on that one part of the swimming pool and turning it into Jello so I can fix it, it’s still water.  And when I can concentrate on that one part, then it’ll be fixable.  Until then, I’ll keep dividing my time between reading about Unity, Leap Motion, various JS AR frameworks and libraries, Angular 6, and some flavor of React Native for AR.  Eventually, I’ll achieve a point of equilibrium that I know enough to look at the code of each and know what’s happening and can work with a small project and not be frustrated then my brain will click over and fix individual pieces.  It’d be easier if I had someone to help me fast track learning, but I never have.  27 human languages, a bunch of programming languages, and a bunch of other crap I’ve learned over the years, this is the way it’s been.  The military has fast-track-teaching down to a science that I wish everything could be taught.

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