Leap Motion and the Latte Panda Alpha 864

Running in Low Resource Mode the Leap Motion on the 8/64 does work.  I played Robot Chess and had minimal notifications that Leap Motion needed me to plug the controller in.  This means that running the full Serinda suite will not be possible until I can figure out how to do so with more RAM.  I need a small computer like the LattePanda with more RAM or wait until the LattePanda comes out with 16GB of RAM one of these days.  I don’t know if that’s on their design board or not.

For the moment, that means that SERINDA will wait for gestures.  I’ll fire up my Windows laptop with 16GB RAM and work on some Leap Motion work with it after I’ve gotten farther in my work with the main core.  I may even have to go back to my OpenCV work and use some old libraries I wrote or hooked into like OpenPose.  None of that is important at the moment.  Gestures are on hold.

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