Screen Recording With Screen Sound Only

Recording computer audio only on a Mac using Quicktime.

I asked around and got many suggestions – All of them were great. Loom, Parallels Toolbar, Quicktime.

Each have their own issues.

Parallels Toolbar doesn’t always keep the sound sync’d up and I get the external audio. With Soundflower I probably won’t have this problem – however, the sound remaining sync’d is important.

Loom disappears a lot – probably that I don’t use it often enough to know what else to do with it.

However, if I want to record myself at the same time it works well

Quicktime with Soundflower – works great. I get only the computer screen and the audio from the computer screen without any external interference. So I can do screen recordings of movie transitions without hearing noises like my phone.

This does have an option to record the live mic as well. For my recordings on my latest project I’m not using the live mic.

Excellent tutorial on installing Soundflower here

I’ll test with Loom and Parallels – they should work the same way if you change the audio input for them to Soundflower.

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