Multicam Editing Adobe Premiere

I was editing footage for a client. They had one size footage and it was a wide shot at 1080p. I wanted to make the video more visually stimulating to the viewer by switching between a closer and wider shot. I originally took the footage and made it 1.75x larger and positioned it where I wanted it then exported that as my second footage.

While editing I found that the speakers hands kept going off screen as they shifted more stage left. I wanted to shift the footage further to stage right however, I’d already cropped that out.

Knowing what I know now, I could do something different and I’ll tell you that in a moment.

I, instead, duplicated the original clip and then made a multicam sequence. Then opened that multicam sequence in the timeline and adjusted the footage where I wanted. Then went and created my multicam edit sequence. This works great. Now, I can go back to my multicam sequence and cut the footage when the speaker slides towards stage left and then I can slide the footage more to stage right.

If I had known this beforehand I would’ve done this. I did not and deleted all of my cuts. Lesson learned as I’d never tried to re-edit footage in a multicam segment like this.

I’ll make a more in depth tutorial later. For now, however, if you want to know how to create a multicam sequence, Premiere Gal has a great video here (it’s easier than me telling you). And if you want to know how to edit footage in a multicam sequence after you’ve created said sequence there’s a brief description here.

Now my footage matches how I wanted and all I have to do is watch the cut to make sure I don’t cut where I move the footage over.

I’ll post a video on all of this soon.

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