Burn Notice Transitions First Episode and My First Vlog

The first episode I’ve worked on to completion is actually season 1 episode 5 (s1e5). After screen captures and edits the voice over took about 12 minutes or so to record. I’m not sure how I should actually display these. My initial thought was to show all of the transitions in sequence from the episode then do a voice over narrating each one after. That way viewers could watch the transitions uninterrupted. However, I’m feeling like that might be a bad way to go. The way I just recorded was interacting with the clips and giving a little bit of episodic history as well as some story and details about the editor then I allow a portion of the clip to play uninterrupted. I’m thinking this is the better way to do it then maybe provide subtitles with the timecode in the episode where these transitions take place so people can watch them complete on their own time.

I am very happy with the first run-through recording. I have a couple of notes to make that I didn’t add while I recorded then I’ll do the final cuts. This video will probably be released after 1 Aug just so I can make sure I have a couple of episodes to schedule for release.

I did my best to match the font for the title section. It is a custom font for the show, however, I used the Chalet NewYork font I found on FreakFonts which blogs over the years have said is pretty close.

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