Week of Tests and Relaxing

I spent the last week testing each of my different cameras in different situations to check for picture quality, audio quality, size of files, and more. I also spent it relaxing in Florida – in addition to daily work I needed to do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the audio I needed for several videos because of the location. There were just too many people in a small space and the walls were too thin so there was a lot of bleed from outside.

I’m back at the house and my audio isn’t going to be better since I’m right next to the AC in the office again. That means I need to adjust my recording and editing times.

Since I have different project types, aka categories, I am planning to release videos 4-6 days of the week. I’m going to keep them scheduled for specific days.

Such as (not the real schedule):
Miscellaneous Monday – This is where I will update projects I think. I was going to do this on Saturdays. I think launching a BTS of the projects on Monday and then eventually launch the actual project videos on Mondays is the way to go. The idea here is to show BTS of whatever projects I’m working on – say building floating shelves, building The Last Starfighter game console cabinet, coding, or whatever – then when a project is complete show the end of the project. This is probably closer to a Scott Brown Carpentry build video each week. Where I track my memorization progress and share any tips and tricks I’ve learned. There may be small snippets here or there of individual ideas or tasks since some items may take longer to build or work on than others. Maybe there’s a memory video once a month, house renovation video once a month, and something else im working on – like say a documentary maybe – once a month, i don’t know. We’ll just have to see
Tips for Tuesday – where I share any Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or really any tips related to videography
Workout Wednesday – where I share my workout progress for the week. I had ElvisApocalypse as a written blog. It seems like a vlog would be better for me to at least annotate what’s happened over the last week as opposed to writing something daily.
Transition Thursday – I originally intended this to be where I put the Burn Notice Transition videos I’m working on.
Phonetics Phriday – I really stretched this one. This will be related to the Cherokee English Online Dictionary (CED) mostly. It could be showing how a part of the site works or what my goal for the week is by adding a new feature or fixing bugs and then demonstrating the final result. So this could include coding, demonstrations, or even some lessons on the Cherokee language to give more of an idea of the work that goes into it.

Saturday and Sunday are off – I’ll record vlogs and things I do. However, these days are reserved for not posting content. Maybe editing content if I’m behind for the next week. They’re also for planning the week. I’ll need to make sure I’ve got planned time to do different tasks for each project I’m working on as I listed above.

I’m just kind of brainstorming right now. I wanted to have a little structure so I knew what was coming up – I just can’t silo everything into these days. Tips for Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, and Transition Thursday seem to be ok for content. Monday and Friday I may not have a set item that goes there for now – idk.

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