Blogging about vlogging

I’m a planner so this is where I get some thoughts out while I’m getting my video equipment squared away while also getting footage for the first vlogs to come out. I’ve decided to film each segment and pull them together over a week then schedule releases. That’s mostly because the segments are themed. I’ve been wanting to vlog for several years I just decided that it’s time. A lot of these notes are from a long time thinking about them over the years and during planning the last couple of days

I have so much going on that I gave each day a specific task for releases. Here’s the interim (probably final) schedule I am going to adhere to.

Miscellaneous Monday Home Projects, Planning projects and videos, Ideas, Video project updates – updates on my bigger projects
Taco Tutorial Tuesday – or – Transition Tuesday – or – Testing Tuesday    Burn Notice Transitions, Adobe tips and tricks, Testing different effects, Testing different products – like Camera settings or setups, Compare techniques between After Effects and Premiere
Workout Wednesday    weight, foods, workouts, progress
Thinking Thursday    Mindfulness, Meditation,  Self Assurance, Self Confidence, Confidence Work, NLP techniques, Memory Training – updates on memory tests
Family Friday    New Boardgames review and gameplay – probably date nights too
Scripting Saturday    Ae, Pr, Ai scripting, Software projects (NOT CED), Rockets, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Canadarm, QA Automation, E2E Testing, AR work
CED Sunday – or – Unday Sunday    CED site tutorials, CED site what’s coming up sneak peeks, Unboxing Sunday – unboxing something new (if there is something new to unbox).

I already have three weeks planned out and that’s just the start videos – I hadn’t intended to do a video a day, however, tutorials like the CED don’t take long to make so I’ll go ahead and do those as well. Eventually, I may have to limit releases. I’d like to release 7 small videos a week.

Each project phase has three acts just like every good story. This would be for some of the bigger projects, the video projects, home renovation work, etc. Not every video is a project – however, every video does have three acts. In any case, I’ve defined each project in acts so that I can track what’s going on where and when it needs to be worked on.

Act I
Act 2
Act 3
wrapping up – clean up
final notes

Finally, as I mentioned before in a previous blog each release (aka episode) will have a specific three act structure as well.
brief intro stating what’s going on
some b-roll footage
a title of the channel and episode number
time lapse or sped up footage commenting occasionally
commentary on what’s happened – like an After Action Review (what went right, wrong, and could be improved).
short outro

I almost forgot. Due to the volume of video I’ll be recording and editing I needed a way to categorize clips fast without watching them initially. I’ll be doing that by color. I’m making a color pad so when I’m recording, say CED notes I’ll flip a specific color in the very beginning of recording. When I see the thumbnail as I’ve pulled the footage off the card will be shown and I can quickly move those clips into the proper bins for editing later in the day. This is solely for speeding up the editing process since I’ve listed the themes for the days, but there are a bunch of videos going on at once – I don’t want to listen to or watch potentially hundreds of small videos to find out where they go.

I’m off to record some video on each of the four cameras and we’ll see what happens as the week goes on. This will obviously be the topic of a vlog and probably daily blogging in between.

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