Todays Vlog Entries

Today was rough. Super hot. With the AC out it makes a lot of recording limited due to noise. I either have to record super early in the morning or late into the evening which becomes early morning as that’s when I can shut down the window unit and the noise will be minimal.

I recorded two sets of vlog entries today. I got distracted and didn’t do the others. They were both super long. I think for tutorials I need to record a run or two to get out what I’m trying to say. Then outline the points I came up with and either edit those sequences together or do a recording where I succinctly hit each point while doing the tutorial. I found that doing the Burn Notice Transition episodes I’m scrubbing through footage while talking about each transition. That makes it harder. The same will be true about the CED. I’ll need to do a few run throughs with the page to do the review. I prefer to do the whole run through as a oner (or one shot). However, it would cause far less frustration if I recorded my run through and the shot of me talking through it editing would be much easier since there would be cut aways for the cuts between shots and talks. I realize this, however, that doesn’t mean that’s what I’m going to do. We’ll see.

I was just reviewing the footage and no audio was recorded… so I’m going to have to re-record those videos. Maybe I can read my own lips and figure out what I said or remember what I covered and make bullet points.

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