My daily routine

I’ve had many daily routines through the years. Today I modified my daily routine to cover a lot of time to do filming and working on projects as well as editing. I have requirements for my day:
self confidence work
walk 2-5 miles
30 minutes on a stationary bike
TRX (suspension trainer) workout for upper and lower body
Pull up training
eat at specific times
drink lots of water
do my regular daily job
spend time with the family – especially making time for my wife
still get chores done – which these I’m kind of wrapping into projects.
self-care – showers, shave, teeth, laundry, etc

I overlap some of these. Such as the bike I’ll ride while on a conference call. I’ll do laundry while i’m spending time with my wife.

The one I want to talk about most here is self confidence work. This blog will be one of my first vlog entries when I finish editing. I kind of like vlogging and blogging right now. I’ve been blogging for 7 years (not just this blog but my weight loss blog) and I feel like I’m more used to it.

Back to self-confidence work. I have a routine I perform daily. It consists of 4 parts as the main set and I have one or two other parts as needed.

Part 1: self-talk/affirmations. I sat down and developed a set of affirmations that I tell myself and then anchor (NLP) them so I can perform one move and then I’m right back there. Maybe I’ll do a video on NLP (I’m a certified hypnotist and NLP practitioner as well). These affirmations are quite empowering for me. They may seem dumb, however, you’ve spent a lifetime being told negative stuff about you and you believe it. Now it’s time to fix that. Below are my list:
I can do it
Today I fix me
I am the greatest
I am a genius
I am hot
I am sexy
I am desireable
I am confident
I am charismatic
I am charming
I own this room
everyone in this room wants to be me
no one in this room is less than
I am my ideal avatar which is the greatest version of myself

Those are my base insecurities and I address them daily. They do work.

My next step is my mindset for the day. I use this as affirmation of my plan to carry out and complete the day. Again, as you read you’ll see the insecurities I address.
no matter what I will be ok
I care more about my character than my reputation
I have impeccable honesty and integrity
I don’t need to convince anyone about this
Put your purpose first
be the first person to initiate things in a new group
be the first to crack a joke or extend praise
I am excited to enter a room
focus on the great stuff that it will work
take something you wanted to do and hope it’ll happen and feel the confidence
expecting this will happen and feel the confidence
what’s the best way to get this done – don’t question
I’m committed to make it work
What if things work out what if all my days of hard work pay of

I’m an ENTP (if you believe in MBTI) – I have kolbe test results, DISC, and many others. I’ve not always been treated the best and you can see that reflected in my mindset talking points

The third plan I have every day is practicing my confidence so it becomes natural and something that is always there as a habit.
stand straight
shoulders back
chin up
confident stride
positive and optimistic
eye contact
smell great
gaze deeply
use hands
gush don’t gossip
senses = voice, cologne, appearance, and clothing
personality = expressing your thoughts with words and body language
non-sexual touch
wide smile – tom cruise and will smith do this very well
close the distance signals you feel safe with them
relaxed breathing pattern – from belly – low and slow – then think of something positive that you love when you breathe in and then when you talk that excitement will come out
know when to shut up
deliver animated

I have another part of this plan that involves active listening and how to as well as imagining my perfect self. I’m not going to cover those right now. In addition, all of these will be explored and expanded on in the vlog.

The last plan I have for the day is an NLP technique I learned from someone and I can’t remember who.
Come up with a positive picture from something that made you extremely happy – preferably not involving a loved one – but a friend. Imagine the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, touch, tastes, all of it should be immersive and it should be something that when you think about it you smile and relax – maybe a little giddy. When you have this awesome picture or situation visualized pull gently on your left earlobe.
For me it was meeting a bunch of linguists when I gave a presentation on the Cherokee dictionary. One of my favorite moments of my life talking with people just like me and we all understood each other.
Next – pick out two points on your floor. each point will represent a circle you’ll step into. The closest one is the “bad” circle. the farthest one is the “good” circle. and in between is a short distance of “neutral zone”
Step into the first circle imagining all of the pain, hurt, suffering, that has been caused to you or that causes you hurt, pain, and suffering. For 10 seconds this stream of consciousness can be anything anger, hate, whatever. It’s your pain and whatever comes to mind about something is what you need to deal with. You might cry and that’s ok (and normal).
After 10 seconds step into the neutral area between the two imaginary circles. At this point you’re going to denounce all of the things you just dealt with. Saying things like “I don’t need that pain.” “that pain isn’t mine” “I don’t miss her/him” “This hatred I have isn’t me and I don’t want it”. Whatever you want to say to denounce those items you blurted.
When you’re done pull on your left earlobe gently and step into the “good” circle anchoring the good thoughts and the denunciations you just ran through. Let the good happy feelings flow over you. There will be a smile.
At this point, you’ve released a lot of issues. When you’re feeling “off” just gently tug on your left earlobe and you’ll feel that rush of happiness come over you.

This is what I do every morning before i start anything else – whether it’s yoga, meditation, a workout, doesn’t matter. This is what I do. All of these things have changed my perspectives and confidence. Four months ago there was no way I’d even think of doing vlogs. Now, I’ve got plans for 6 weeks of releases including what projects, when to film, when to edit, and when they’ll be released and I’m not scared of that anymore like I would have been. I’m just doing it. I’m also working to improve every aspect as I go and learn from my mistakes – even while watching others say what mistakes there are people do.

I hope some of this was helpful. I have some NLP techniques for anxiety, confidence, and more that I’ll cover at a later date.

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