“Work-work-work” – Hoban Washburne

I was having issues processing all of the video I needed. I hooked up a second keyboard to make macros for editing faster. AND I found out my mid-2011 iMac would accept 32GB RAM… soooooooooooo I upgraded my ram from 20 to 32. You wouldn’t think 12GB would make much of a difference – you would be wrong. I’m able to play footage without issues quite easily and FASTER = more betterer.

I loaded up my most memory intensive AND most clips in one timeline for Adobe Premiere and it didn’t have issues. Rendering was far faster than I expected.

My VGA to lightning cable comes in today so I’ll be running 2, for now, keyboards and a second monitor. This monitor is a 19″ 2007 Gateway which will greatly enhance my editing. I’ve been editing on one monitor for a few years and I really miss two monitors.

I’m using BetterTouchTool right now to program my second keyboard with macros. I really wanted to use AutoHotKey – however, that’s a Windows only program. I’ve got a couple other macro programs I’m going to try and each will get a blog entry review with an overarching vlog to cover them and one to cover the one I like the most. As a software developer I like to make things reusable so I’m going to see if I can do that as well.

Today is building shelves for all of the electronics components I use to make custom electronic projects. This next one is a custom Raspberry Pi for a model rocket. I was informed yesterday that the rocket is 7′ (2.1 m) tall without the nosecone. The nosecone came in yesterday and is 4″ (100ish mm)in diameter and well over a foot and a half (460 mm) tall. I need to finish these shelves and organizing all of my cameras, camera equipment, electronics, and the other items I really need to organize. With each box of components I’ve gone through I find something I needed a few weeks ago. With the new system I won’t have that issue. Yes, vlog coming on this too.

I’m still struggling with wordiness when I do intros. I try to provide too much information rather than rely on the viewer to understand what I’m talking about or doing. Learning a lot about vlogs though. I’ve also never used one lens for so much work. Either with my iPhone or my Nikon I’m pretty much staying with one 18mm wide lens – then my FX7 has a fixed lens (which is super nice). When I do some sitdown talk in the office (which I’m still building out) I use the 55-200 to set a nice DOF and get that “I’m making a documentary on the History Channel” look. I’ll add these notes to make future vlogs about.

The important part is that as I learn I’m documenting it and then everyone can learn as I do.

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