Launch Assist Recovery Computer – LARC

If you’ve seen much of my early blog entries they were about electronic components – Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printers (RAMPS). The last 7 years of work I’ve done with each of these projects has inspired my kids. It should come as no surprise one of my sons (in Civil Air Patrol as a cadet now) asked me to help him design a computer that would track specific measurements. All of these measurements I’ve done before working on a project entitled SkyNetNow – that was a meteorologic box that could be deployed anywhere and would help detect if there was a tornado forming.

So, he’s working on a weather station? No. Rocket. The system will track all of these measurements, record them, keep them safe, record as much video as possible, and deploy the parachutes at the desired time. I’m calling it LARC for now, as the title shows. This is going to be an amazing video series. They’re recording everything they do. I’m recording all of the work I do to get this tiny computer to work. I’ll also record all of the processes during testing. I’ve done a lot of this work before many, many times for weather stations, my own hydroponic control system, and more. There will be a redundant computer that will maintain identical copies of everything. As well both computers will be clustered so they can share data and video.

They’ve done all of their work with permits. Now they’re building the rocket (with help and supervision of course) and it’s up to me to help build the brains of the recovery part.

If you ever think you can’t inspire someone by just being excited about doing things you like remember this story.

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