First Vlog is Rendering

The first vlog will be released, the plan anyway, 18Aug19. It took most of the day to record and edit the first one. A lot of this was due to corners I tried to cut. I knew better, I did them anyway. Light and Sound. I had to run the footage through denoiser because I didn’t add enough front lighting. Then I was reviewing these cheap iPhone clip on lenses and didn’t account for the sound that would be generated while clipping them on and off. External sound. I am going to leave it as an example of what to do and not to do all at the same time. It was a learning experience. I knew better and still did it. Learn from that.

I’ll set up the soft boxes for the next recording and block off more of the ambient light from outside. It blows out the footage too much. I thought I could compensate for those issues. I could not.

I do like the camera setup I have right now. I’m using the Nikon as the camera I talk to while at my desk. It’ll be the one I use to record my tutorials. The Viltrox monitor came in handy… as did the selfie stick I received from Crosstour. I used the selfie stick to push the autofocus button and then the record button. I’ll figure out something better for that later. The WU-1 remote I have for the Nikon only helps with focus and doesn’t allow you to record with a remote. In the future I’ll get a camera that can do everything with BT or a remote. In either case – best selfie stick I’ve ever received.

I did some experiments with my iPhone camera and photos compared to the Nikon. Using the phone was just easier since the Nikon was already set up perfectly for recording. I may not even move that tripod and camera b/c they’re set up right.

The last item I will note from yesterday’s recording (which was much much better than Saturdays) is that I need to put bullet points together to cover what I’m going to say. This video came in at a very light 8+ minutes which was perfect. However, I forgot the intro. I also messed up my outro 2x before I got it right. Then I cut a lot of footage because I either said something redundant or unnecessary. I also didn’t project the energy I normally have. I was trying to think of everything and that distracts me. It’s not bad – I’m just saying I’m usually more energetic.

In this case, since they were clip on lenses I should have written the items I wanted to cover, some basic shots, and noted the intro and outro script – the same as I’d do at any event. For me, vlogging is more like a personal event. I’m recording something to share there are still elements I need and want to get. So I’ll make basic shot lists for the next time and a little more pre-planning. Every event I’ve ever covered has been a mix of shot lists and ad-lib work. This should really be no different.

So – we’ll see how today’s video goes. Today is covering my memory techniques for remembering cards and other information which will actually be next Thursday’s release. Tomorrow will be about my Adobe Premiere project setup. I’ve got a lot of footage to go through for next Monday’s episode which is about building the new complete workspace (which I recorded Saturday). This is a full week of recording and we’ll see how it goes.

So stay tuned as I make progress this week and crossing fingers that I’ll make the entire set of videos I need for the first week.

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