First Vlog is Complete

I completed it yesterday. It’s already uploaded and ready to schedule for Sunday release. I needed to take today to schedule recording and editing vlogs for the next few days to make sure I can meet the deadlines I set for myself. I’m fully intent on delivering all of next week’s first vlogs on time.

At the same time I started working on a vlog checklist just based on what I’ve learned so far. I did a little research and there are some out there about the overall vlog, seo, etc. There are none about the simple stuff like thinking about how you want to film any action shots, lights, making sure you have batteries. These are all things I’ve used through the years to film weddings. My wedding checklist is huge. I bought the original from videomaker like 9 years ago and have added to it. Preplanning is huge in vlogging when you’re teaching someone something. I know that because I thought I could take a shortcut (22 years should’ve kicked me and said ‘you know better than that’). These checklists will be simple and help make sure you’ve got the basics set out.

I’m going to make them for various projects. Such as if you’re screen recording and talking to a camera. Or doing something more DIY – like filming yourself making something. Or shooting on location. Even shooting a simple interview on site. The checklists will be a guideline not a fast rule. However, it’ll make sure that if you’re cutting something with a saw you don’t forget to put a camera where you can see that action. I’m adding a planning calendar to that list so people can see how I have scheduled these projects from ideas and equipment through final result. I want them to be super simple so anyone with any camera (including filming on a phone like I add to my shots) can be done and still get the shots you want. I’ve been doing low-to-no-budget filmmaking for 22 years I think taking that experience to vlogging helps me. Maybe it’ll help someone else.

I also found that since I’m so used to blogging I can write out everything I’ve done in my blog which then I edit and it becomes my script. For example, I’m working on a project for the Launch Assist Recovery Computer (LARC) and I did a lot of work. I wrote notes as I went then typed up an entire blog (coming soon) that I edited a bit and I’ll do screen caps and read from that script while recording my doing it again so I have the footage. It would’ve been horrific for me to record the screen while doing all of that work. It took several hours. I can record the blog in 20 minutes and edit in a couple of hours and it’s done.

A little nervous, my first vlog is coming out Sunday. Like 90% nervous 10% excited. Or maybe it’s 10% nervous and 90% excited. [A little Armageddon paraphrasing for you]

Off to bed. Gotta get up and record some video for Workout Wednesday’s first vlog next week.

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