Vlogs Update

This has been a crazy week. We’ll start with that.

I recorded two videos on Sunday and intended to edit and publish on their required days. However, two rush projects came up and I’ve been working on those. The good news is that there are more than two videos coming up on these two projects in the future.

This weekend I’ll have time to finish editing and do a lot of recording to release for next week.

The next titles coming up are:
Sunday – Cherokee English Dictionary Online Basic Introduction
Monday – Building the new workspace
Tuesday – Multicam editing and fixing footage (how to fix multicam footage after editing)
Wednesday – Workout Wednesday
Thursday – How I Memorize Cards
Friday – I plan to review Onitama the base version and quick overview of the two addons
Saturday – Intro to the LARC project and setting up a Pi with a MEAN framework

Again, these are the chosen topics, they could change based on release as we saw last week when I released the Havoc music video by Stereospread instead of a regular vlog video.

They’re coming. I promise.

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