This weeks update

I’ve recorded all of the videos for this week. Some were longer than expected. That means longer editing times. As well I have three cameras so that takes longer to run a multicam edit and fix elements with three different resolutions.

This is pretty challenging to make a video in multiple formats and get an edit done in a day on a 30 minute video. I’m so used to using the same resolution or making footage the same that I rushed into edits. I may have to back off 5-7 releases a week and pare it down to 2-3. Then I can release videos when they’re done instead of on a specific day. For example, the Onitama game overview is complete. When the export is done i’ll reload it into Premiere and adjust the entire volume and re-export. The Cherokee-English Dictionary overview is going to take longer because of the length of the video. The overview is apparently much more than a quick intro.

I’ll crop some of the videos and then instead of editing as a multicam I’ll clip the best parts after I’ve syncd up the videos and export the videos whole with the new framing so they show up correctly. As I said I wasn’t thinking about the resolutions. So the Crosstour is recording at 4k25 and I have to scale up that footage to only show the small part of the desk I want seen. My phone, using Filmic Pro, is recording 1080p25 I think so I had to scale up some of that as well because I used it for close ups of cards I wanted to show the audience. I didn’t hold them up the same way each time.

I did, however, record scripts and practice a couple of times before recording. So I knew what shots, graphics, and titles, I wanted. They were hasty scripts that I wrote in the fountain format. If you don’t know what that is check out – I wrote something similar to it as a parser a long time ago and I decided not to use mine and go with this since the format can be imported into Final Draft and several other pieces of software. It makes writing a script pretty quick and if I want to view it as a PDF I can. I do it this way so I don’t lose the skills of writing a screenplay. I’ve been writing for 24 years I tend to lose some skills over time. I don’t want that to happen.

I’m debating on whether or not to release them as they’re done and then record videos when I can and put them together and edit later. That way I have a bunch of videos to edit at a time and when I need a shorter one to knock out I can release it.

I found a LUT I really like for the “studio” shots at my desk. It’s a bit more blue than I would’ve liked. Still I like it a lot.

This week’s mistake is that I plugged my mic into my phone and recorded video with it as well. That wasn’t the mistake. The mistake was not putting the mic on a joby or something to hold it off the table. Even if I’d mounted it on the C-stand that would’ve been ok. Instead you hear every time I tap my hands on my desk. I didn’t even know I did that until I was listening to the audio while editing. It can get pretty bad. So, idk what I was thinking. Actually, I was probably thinking I need to record these videos while everyone is out of the house and I was in a rush to get them done. Next time I’ll mount the mic higher and have a cable to the Nikon. I may mount the mic on the c-stand near the crosstour.

This is my current setup. While I’m doing remodeling/renovation work I’m in the living room. I have the Nikon setup with a UBeeSize 8″ ring light (quick review coming up this week). The Rode mic is no longer attached to the Nikon b/c I didn’t remember to turn it on. The Viltrox monitor is plugged in to the Nikon so I can see what’s going on – you can see me taking a photo of the setup in the Viltrox. I have a Manfrotto tripod holding up the Nikon. The UBeeSize tripod with phone holder is currently holding the Viltrox. Then for overhead shots I have the Crosstour camera on a C-Stand. You can’t see the two softboxes I have. I have nearly 2000 watts of lights set up to light the living room. I bought those as a 5 or 6 pack from a long gone website for about 1900. They came with large 3200k daylight balanced CFLs (4 to a box) like 4 light stands, one C-stand, a sandbag, and 4 way adapters. I’ve used them quite a bit. I’ve also broken quite a few bulbs since these are meant to be studio lights and I’ve used them for on-location shoots. When the bulbs are hot I’ve had some people try to remove them using the bulb instead of the ballast and they’ve broken. In any case, they give off magnificent light.

The Batfish Tshirt came in and I was a bit excited. You can view that video on the channel now.

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