What a few weeks this has been

There has been so much going on I’ve just now had time to stop and reflect. The rocket launch that i’m working on the telemetry package was postponed and now it’s slated for later in November so I’m working hard on that project. The telemetry package has to record data, cameras, and fire the second stage as well as deploy parachutes so it’s really a guidance computer and landing computer – like an AGC of sorts.

I’ve been working hard on the conjugation engine and transliteration engine for the Cherokee Dictionary online. I’ve rewritten most of the code so the architecture is better. I’m also adding a ton more functionality to the site itself. And I’ve got to record a bunch of tutorials for the site too. I have until the end of March to finish all of this functionality for the Language Symposium.

If that weren’t enough I’m also refurbishing the house. I’m also working on a new book that’s been 4 years of research. With the book is a series of videos for teaching what’s going to be in this book. In addition, I’ve been wrapped up in kids events, club events, and more.

I haven’t taken time to pull out my cameras and record anything. I need to. I did manage to script quite a few videos I even launched two I think. In the last 18 days I’ve not done much else.

I thought while I was on vacation I’d have time to get a lot done. I did get a lot done on the house refurbishment. I’ve managed to get all of the storage stuff moved to the garage and start deep cleaning everything for painting and building shelves. So, when I get to that point there will be more videos. I wish I could release some of the videos about this rocket computer, however, I have to wait until after the launch.

More to come – tonight is date night – so maybe this weekend I’ll have some video of testing the telemetry package and some notes for setting up the Raspberry Pi and the other modules with it.

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