Writing Update, New Script Idea, Cosplay

The script is coming along. I’ve got about three more scenes to finish for the first draft. This is how I do my rewrites. I go through plot and story individually making sure they all match up (like make sure I didn’t introduce something after it happens). Then structure. Then I read actions and punch them up. I’ll read the dialog aloud and make sure it sounds right. The very last thing I do before my final read through is read the script backwards to find any misspellings, format issues, character names, etc.

I’ve already started the story and plot for my next feature script – it’s going to be an action/thriller/comedy. I’ll post more about this in the future. It’s just in the thinking stage right now.

I have another movie I’d really like to write one of these days. Starring only Tims (maybe even those who have had a character named Tim): working title – This Just Tim, It’s all about the Tim – Time for Tim – Timmy Time? Idk – no plot yet just chock full of Tims lol
And many more.

A bunch of Tims in a hotel of Easter eggs like puns of chips named after movies and items each Tim has been a part of and the viewer has to figure out the movie – like the address is 007 Bond Avenue and James street or something. So every character is played by an actor named Tim and all props and placement are from their movies – obscure and popular. Some douche on the internet will post a video of all easter eggs – but it should take them forever to figure them all out. I’ll continue research after I outline this next movie. I’ll have to figure out a plot – it was going to be kind of like Clue – but Knives Out just came out so that won’t be the plot. Also, idk what the names of the characters in the movies should be – like anagrams of previous characters? All of them named Tim as well? All of them named after literary Tims? Like Tiny Tim? I’m not sure. I think there’s some novelty that would wear off if it’s “hey tim. which one?” for 2 hours. So I need to come up with the story and plot that would bring these people together – and what keeps them together. One thing is for sure, it’ll be the craziest script ever to come out of my head.

My son wants he and I to do cosplay as Sam Rockwell and his aide in JoJo Rabbit. I took a bunch of screenshots and did a bunch of research on amazon to find uniform pieces. I’ll post some updates in a new blog about the pieces I find and screenshots of the costumes.

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