Upcoming Projects

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. There’s been so much going on in my life with work, kids activities like concerts, and much more. I’ve barely had time to keep up. These would’ve been great times to vlog, however, I did not. I focused on the moments.

I’m still working on the LARC system for the next launch which will be in the Spring. Most of my time, however, has been spent with the kids and family. I have managed to outline and get 2/3 way through a new screenplay. I’ve not written a complete screenplay since October 2010 when I finished the pilot for a sitcom. I’ve just been so disorganized and unfocused. It seems like lately, I’ve been more focused and organized.

I painted several rooms in the house. I have four more to go and the upstairs will be complete. I’ll get to those after the holiday break – probably after 1Jan2020. Then I’ll finish decorating most of the upstairs.

I am waiting on the kitchen remodel until February. Between now and January, though, I have a personal project to get back into decluttering the garage. I still have a lot of storage stuff in the basement that I need to take to the garage. Before I can do that, though, I need to clear the garage. I may also clean the old print room (where the tshirt printer is) and organize that as the new workspace making the current workspace and old storage area the art room.

Really, right now, the garage and the upstairs are my focuses since that’s where I’ve been taking everything that needs to be gone through so it can be decluttered.

Overall, the house is coming along rather well. I’ll put in faux stone for a faux fireplace (Infrared) in February. The master bath, hallway, and lounge are fully painted and decorated. The master bath could use more Elvis Blue Hawaii theme items. The master bedroom is painted, however, I need to build a cabinet and figure out what decorations are going to go in there. It’s more of a beach/spa looking room. My final projects on the master side will be to paint and organize the closet better and build a dual shower head system along with a projector shelf for the mini projector that’s in there so someone in the tub can watch videos on the wall.

The hallway needs a divider wall where the pantry and foyer/coat closet will go. The pantry will be on one side of the wall the coat closet on the other side with cubbies for kids to stow stuff when they get home from school.

The kids hallway needs to be finished with drywall and painted. I may do that when I take vacation at the end of the month. I’m painting one kids room. New flooring will go in after February. The kids bathroom will be painted and decorated in bright colors. I can’t wait for that to be done as well.

The lower half of the stairwell still needs to be painted then I’m going to paint the treads and risers. The landing needs flooring still – again February. Then it’ll be complete.

With the kitchen taking the most work, I’m holding off on doing anything with it until after February – so it’s temporarily decorated with Coca-Cola stuff – that will all come down when the cabinets are removed so it can be painted then the water and power rerouted around to move the appliances against the wall before I tear out one of the walls.

I’ll probably also tear down the shelves in the entertainment room/mind palace in preparation for a wall to be built in there for another bedroom. Then that room will be painted and the projector given a better perch and screen.

The cliff room/workout room will remain mostly the way it is. The carpeting will be torn up in there then sanded and glazed concrete for an indoor/outdoor greeting room and workout area as well as a place with great lighting to paint in.

The downstairs hallway will be repainted something and probably decked out in Star Wars stuff or I’ll put GI Joe on shelves on either side at the top – I don’t know yet. The downstairs bathroom will be painted and decked out in Star Wars as well.

It’s easier to do one section of the house at a time, then decorate leaving the kitchen, print room, art room/storage, and entertainment room for last so I can continue to take collectibles from those places for decorating elsewhere.

I’m pretty excited for how the house is coming along. I will probably spend a lot of time on the garage this weekend and cleaning the utility room for the new washer and dryer to be brought over. With the garage completed it’ll be a huge load off my mind.

The garage requirements are that I can park two cars in it and still have some shelving for small storage items. I need to get the attic over the garage prepped for some other storage items. MOST of the stuff that was taken to the garage will be disposed of (aka recycled). I’ve got plans for putting bikes on pullies so the kids can raise and lower them when they use them. The temporary shelving I’ve got up will be torn down and replaced with the gorilla shelving on the opposite side of the garage that currently contains stuff to go through. The end result should be a clean and tidy garage with the new workbench I built – if I don’t scrap it and remove it once I’m done building everything. If I do that then I’ll build a collapsable workbench or use a plastic folding table with a wood top that fits over it for workbench type projects.

I’ve got two motorcycles as well. One I ride, the other is a legacy bike which will be passed down to my kids. They need to have a place to live in the garage as well.

I hope to accomplish most of this garage work over the next few weeks before I continue painting and decorating the house. This way I have it set up for parking if it snows. I’d also like to have the stuff I’ve collected from my dad’s storage shed gone through and tossed if it’s garbage.

All-in-all everything is coming together. I’ll post pics when rooms are completed. I’ll try to do more vlogging of each of these steps. However, I’m really focused on finishing this screenplay too so editing time with all of the activities is at a premium and probably won’t happen anytime soon.

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