Day 6 of 1500?

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey. Welcome back.

I actually don’t know how many days I’ve been doing some kind of weight loss or muscle building. If you calculated the total hours and put them into days it’d probably be less than 30. However, if you count total weeks it’s like 373 – like 7 years. Close. The first blog post I ever had about all of this was 2Apr2012 or 425 weeks. I like having useless knowledge so knowing that, now, you’re welcome.

Back to where I was going – so I’m on Day 6 of this 40 day self-challenge. I calculated a projected weight of 288. I came in at 288.4 this morning. I really hope to continue about this way until 1Jul.

Yesterday, I did eat twice and once was outside my hour. I walked 2.5 miles at 52mins… super slow for me. I had a total 1350 calories yesterday which is above my goal, but I ate the second time because I felt like I needed the calories after the walk earlier in the day. I’m not upset with myself about that. I did well.

I have a lot to do today. I am going to get in my 2.5 mile walk as long as the weather cooperates. I managed to finish my walk yesterday right as the pre-rain sprinkles began. I have a HIIT workout to do today instead of TRX along with my dance time. I’m not going to say who the HIIT is from, however, I will say that there will be a full review of the program after I finish phase 1 (it has 2 phases totaling 6 weeks). The workouts are about 40 mins each and look like they’re going to totally kick my ass. However, 3 hours of working out each day is probably a bit much even if 2 of them are fun for me.

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