Day 1695

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

Minor setbacks have ensued. Yes. Like we didn’t expect that to be the case, right?! Finally after like 6 years we fixed the AC. Longer story, however, the shorter story is that the coil was cracked and we found out after the warranty expired so we had been recharging it every other year. Last year I used a window AC to cool the upstairs – since the downstairs is half-in-ground and is like 5-10 degrees cooler. It’s always about 60 degrees downstairs. In any case, back to the update. I have a muscle that’s inflamed in my lower back and pressing on the sciatic nerve of my left leg. That pain causes a lot of issues with workouts. I take Tylenol and IB and still attempt to walk 2.5 miles a day. It’s rough. I limp a lot. Probably not what I should do. I do a lot of stretching and it’s still not enough.

So the setbacks… the pain. The pain is intense all of the time. If I take flexeril then I have other issues but I can workout. If I don’t workout I can’t workout, but i can eat regularly. The rough part is that I have to keep on a schedule or my entire day is completely thrown. Having debilitating back pain, like the pain that hurts when you breathe in, kills a lot of progress. When I get stressed I lean on the one thing that makes me feel better… I eat. I haven’t done so in a long time, but lately the desire is huge. So, I am getting back to my schedule tomorrow. I’m up around 6-7 am anyway. So now, I’m going to get up early and do Yoga/stretching and meditation like i’m supposed to. I’m going to start my memorization practice again to improve my mental focus. I’ve been losing that too. Apparently 2.5 months with kids in the house is far too long. I’m really surprised I’m not more insane.

So, tomorrow back to my schedule. Yoga, meditation, memorization drills, water all day long, hourly workouts, eating during a one hour window, walking 2.5 miles, probably more. I’m starting a hierarchy chart of Chess Openings – I’m going to use this to memorize chess openings as part of my memorization practice (side note: I’m working on a program to display the hierarchy). Once I hit the schedule consistently I should drop size and weight fast again. I’ve been consistent with working out – the back pain has made it hard to workout for long.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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