Day 1706 and Streaming Live

A while ago, I realized that my issue with producing content was that I had to edit it after it was done. A one hour video could have up to 40 hours of edit time depending on how well I wanted it to go. A 2-10 minute video takes me a couple hours to edit, add any music I want, and then color correct and color grade. I got a HDMI to USB video converter and it works fantastically. I’m going to get another one for the other HDMI camera. I now have 3 GoPro style cameras and two HDMI cameras that I’m going to hook up for streaming and test out. The idea is that I can do a board game review or instructable streaming and not have much editing to do when I put it on youtube because I’ll switch cameras or whatever as I’m recording. I have said this in past posts, but I really like multicam filming – it’s harder to set up in logistics, but once it’s done it’s easier to switch between cameras and you’ve got most of the shots.

Today is day 1705. I walked my 2.5 miles this morning. I had Tylenol and Ibuprofen before the walk. By the time I was done I could’ve gone one more lap. I moved the few free weights I use, the pull up bar, and the TRX back upstairs to my bedroom. The way my day works I drink 16oz of water then do 5-10 min set of exercises then an hour later I have to urinate and I do the same routine. I get in a lot more exercise and it’s spaced. At the end of the day I have about an hour of weights and an hour walking and I feel really good. So instead of attempting to coerce my willpower into going down to my office and then workout in the cliff room (the room with the rock wall on one wall) I decided to move it back to where it’s in my way and I’ll do the workouts.

Before I walk, each day, I get up 30 minutes before and take Tylenol and IB and a zyrtec. I then stretch my lower back and legs slowly for about 15 mins. There are times when I probably doze off. About 20 minutes after getting up I leave for the trail and then stretch a little more while there before heading off on a walk. It’s dramatically improved my day. I now don’t worry about if I’m taking a diuretic if I’m going to have to pee a lot during the walk or if I can’t eat before a walk – lots of anxiety is relieved by walking. Plus I feel a ton better that something major has been knocked out for the day. I also get to spend time with my best friend. We talk about everything during the walk. At some point, my brain can’t think or talk so I just sweat. In the end, though, it’s worth the walk and the hourly workouts.

I’m very motivated right now to lose the weight and size. With everything moved around now I have it all set up. I thought I’d be unmotivated the other day and my best friend figured out how to motivate me a little bit more – so once I can get passed the back pain and full swing workouts that’ll be really good. I’m super tired from the pain meds/muscle relaxer I took for my back so I’m just going to stop right here.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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