Day 1709 and Writing

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

I have been extremely tired lately. I know going to a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) makes me tired the first couple days then I get hit with energy. This is a different tired than I’ve felt before. Like my body is done with stress and the sleep will help clear all that up. I might need to dedicate more time to sleeping. The issue with that is my body doesn’t want to go to sleep before 11pm usually. I wake up at 530, but can’t go to sleep before 11. I need to fix that.

My workouts the last couple of days have been insane. I did get a short walk in yesterday and slept in today (so no walk). I’ve been hitting water every hour and then a 5-10 minute short weight workout (or body weight, whatever) like I did before the quarantine. It feels really good to get in some solid upper body workouts. I’m focusing on building strength and really stretching my lower back. I spend a lot of time stretching before and after my workouts (the longer ones); and a bit longer stretching before and after the shorter workouts.

My focus is crap. I need to do more with that. Unfortunately, my focus is crap because I get distracted by everything. I’m doing too much. I need to clear my distractions and sit alone to build focus. Some meditation, some memory drills, idk what else. Right now, though, I’m barely remembering what I’ve got going on during the day. I say right now, but it’s really been a couple months. So, I’m going to devote some time to increasing my focus through drills. Here are the drills that I’m going to do: 1. Chess Openings 2. Deck of cards 3. Random numbers 4. ASL 5. Cherokee language 6. Meditation. The way this will work is I need to train under stress. I’ve got a deck of cards with the pictures I want to associate with each one written on them. I have cards with chess openings – but I’m going one step further and making a hierarchy chart (automated work) so I can review the different lines. I’m not studying all of the lines, just the “why” behind moves. So having a set of moves is good, knowing why the moves are played help you identify what might be coming your way. I’m also working on my own study plans on chessable and lichess along with two courses I have for different openings. I’m a d4 player, these are both e4 systems which I don’t play so we’ll see. The ASL and Cherokee are both practice based. So, taking a word or phrase and practicing it in a comprehensible way. For example, I won’t learn phrases like “I would like to see a menu” but I will learn phrases like “would you like coffee?” or “would you like sugar?” or “He moves Knight to b4” things I can use while my brain continuously repeats the variation until it’s committed to memory. I don’t know if I’ve discussed this before, but my brain will repeat things over and over again until I say them out loud or type them. It’s very obsessive that way. So when I learn languages I listen to a phrase or group of phrases or whatever (the Berlitz method is quite helpful for me as is comprehensible input) and then my brain will randomly recall these items and repeat them in my head while I’m not paying attention. It’s through that repetition that I learn fast. It’s always been that way since I started learning languages (or anything). Finally, we have random numbers. I have a tiny pocket sized guide that has 1-1000 and the words that can represent each number based on a numbering system I purchased. When I come across a number I can either use the numbers 1-20 I learned from a peg system or I can tap into the numbers 1-1000 using the alpha-peg system where every number 0-9 has a letter associated with it and when you put the letters together you come up with a word. For example, 417 is rdk (also called the major system) – from that the word ‘redcoat’ is used. So when I see the number 417 I think of a Revolutionary War redcoat standing guard with a musket.

I did exceptional today – I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi!

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