Day 1711

I have been working pretty hard on this proof of concept. I haven’t had any time to work on writing. I have a show bible and a first draft to finish up. I was sick today – idk what was going on. I think my body is about ready to flush all of the stress weight it’s held onto for quite a while. From now until Monday I’m going to drink water and eat watermelon, maybe cucumber. I’ve been playing a ton of chess. I just played a game where half of it was blindfolded. I probably could’ve played the whole game that way, but I was playing my son and he’s not always the best at coordinates so I had to see the board to make sure I was playing the way I thought I was. I’ve been playing a ton of games against a computer 5 mins or less at whatever rating I want to play. My biggest practice is just not hanging pieces. To make sure they’re all protected and watch for moves that I can pre-counter (aka prophylactic).

My workouts have suffered b/c of my back. I’ve been doing some upper body workouts and some lower back stretches, and then kicking in some lower body workouts. Mostly focusing on core stretching and then doing exercises that strengthen and don’t hurt my lower back. However, I am unable to walk very far right now because of my back. I need to fix that. The plan is to strengthen it and then walk multiple times a day even if it’s super hot. Then I’ll get in the walk I want. It also means that I’ll spend about every hour stretching for a bit. We’ll see how this turns out.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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