Day 1728

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

I am starting my routine tomorrow. I had a few days off from everything. I went on a mini-vacation. Today, I decided to pump up my workouts. I’ve been pushing pretty hard on my mini-workouts. My food is centered on calories-in-calories-out. I’m about 100 pounds overweight. I’d rather do the wrong things now that also lead to losing size and weight that prevent future diseases and hopefully curtail any diseases that may be creeping up.

I don’t have a max caloric intake value, yet. I set my baseline at 1000 calories a day. I can go over or go under. I’m mostly working towards the eating that is delicious, filling, and minor changes in foods so that they are less calories overall. This simply means instead of using butter I use lower calorie butter for flavor. I have lower calorie bread instead of plain-ass-white-bread (Greg Doucette). And on. I choose foods that I know are going to be filling and lower calories. The macros in the foods don’t matter. I say that because I’m smart enough not to eat all carbs, or all fats, or all protein and my goal is weight loss/size loss/healthy lifestyle. That isn’t to say that I won’t have protein shakes just that I’m not counting macros only calories. So if my caloric goal is 1200 and I eat 3 sausage muffins for breakfast then my caloric intake for the day is done. With that in mind, I want to be able to eat more volume to stay full longer and stay below my intake limit.

My exercise routine. I have been doing the same exercise routine for a while. I’m not going to go over that again right now. I do a 5-10 minute workout every hour I’m at work. That adds up to 70 minutes or so of a workout. I also do 60 minutes of dancing. I’m about to add 60 minutes of cycling to my workout which is about 1500 calories a day burned. I don’t go back and add more calories to my eating because I worked out. I don’t ever figure I burn near what the estimates of calorie burn are. I guess half of that number just to be on the safe side of estimation. How this will work from this point on is that I will do my workouts and not miss any. I weigh every Friday where I also tape and use calipers. If I don’t have any change in my body composition or weight in the decline direction then I’ll cut more calories. We all know that there are many factors in what could happen. Maybe the day before I ate 8 pounds of food (not likely) or I drank a gallon of water and haven’t peed yet. Those are extremes. I’m not extreme on these elements so I’ll give a +/- of 2 pounds (which is super generous). For the weight/tape/caliper day whatever the measurements are is what they are. Then I adjust caloric intake based on the last two weeks numbers. So in two weeks I’ll adjust – on week 3 I’ll take that number and the one before and make an adjustment. In this way I don’t have to count much. I weigh all of my food so it’s close, if the caloric values in myfitnesspal are even close to correct.

If I’m hungry then i’ll add more food. I have several snacks I can make like strawberry protein shakes, chaffles with dill pickles (if you’ve not had them you’re missing out), and many recipes from Greg Doucette’s cookbook which I’ll be doing videos of making them and tasting them. My next experiment is with french toast and then the apple goop. I think you can see where I’m going. I am documenting everything. I’m a numbers person. I like to see the trends and what’s going on in graphs. That helps me make adjustments. Video taping my workouts is how I keep up with myself in competition. If I don’t have my own accountability then I don’t have any accountability. I’d rather have 180 videos of me working out during this time and pushing harder than the time before even if no one ever sees them.

This isn’t to say I am going to eat crap or go hungry. I am cutting out processed foods (which I didn’t eat many of during an average week) and I am keeping protein high on the list due to thermogenesis. However, I’m doing my best to stay below my target calories. Again, I’m doing something different than other people. My goal is to lose weight and be healthy and not be hungry. I think I have a good plan to drop the weight. I’ve been wrong before and we’ll see in two weeks if the average isn’t dropping weight.

I’m off to get my next round of workouts in.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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