Day 1729

Yesterday went well. I knocked out the workouts easily. This morning my back didn’t even hurt until the last part of the first lap (1.25 mi). It doesn’t hurt now. I can just tell there’s some inflammation creeping up.

My total caloric intake yesterday was less than 1500. That’s actually a lot for me to eat when I don’t have Coke in the house or we’re not on a road trip with fast food. I had apples, yogurt, salmon, salad, watermelon, chaffle, asparagus, and potato. I was full last night when I went to bed. Today, I’m going to do about the same in amount.

My weight this morning was down quite a bit. Nearly 3 pounds since yesterday. However, my belly is the biggest it’s been in a long time. It was 42.5 not long ago and now its 44.5. I’m not sure why the increase in size. I’m going to push harder on workouts today than I did yesterday. I feel good otherwise. By the time the Day count reaches 1781 I’ll be done with this round of my experiment. That’s 60 days total and there are 52 left. Let’s see what today brings.

I’m done with the workouts for the day. I pushed harder than I’ve pushed in a long time. I don’t mean I barely pushed hard – I mean I pushed every set as hard as I could. I lowered reps. I slowed down each rep. Every exercise I did I pushed harder than the one before. The only thing I didn’t push harder on was the walk this morning. My lower back was killing me. I thought I’d be able to push through and I couldn’t. It was spasming pretty horrifically.

I have eaten superbly again. I don’t know what I’m going to have for dinner, yet. As of right now I’m at about 900 calories. I ate about the same as yesterday, so far. I have had a whole lot more water.

I feel like I could have pushed a few more reps out of all of the exercises. I’m curious as to what I’ll feel like tomorrow. Right now, I feel amazing. My shoulders, abs, and legs are like I can feel them growing. That’s a weird sensation. I should do measurements on my arms and forearms and calves to see what they’re like as I continue on.

My brain has been amazingly clear as well. I’ve had some moments where I don’t feel as clear and I think that’s the lack of caffeine. I may need to get some coke zero or diet coke or diet dr pepper or something to pump the caffeine in the way I’d normally do so – idk. However, for the most part, I’m more focused and my mind is thinking clearly on most everything.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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