Day 3054

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey welcome back.

This last 2 weeks has sucked. I have been completely fatigued. I had like a sinus infection meets some flu-like symptoms. Despite all of that I’ve managed to drop some more fat. I’m not losing weight again. But my numbers show that I’ve gained another 10 pounds of muscle. This doesn’t seem right. However, I am stronger than I was. I can do far more than I did before.

I finally started losing weight after almost 6 weeks (43 days to be exact). I dropped sharply from 299 or so down to 289 over the last few days. I haven’t felt well and my back has been hurting again so I’ve not been working out as much. I hope tomorrow I am able to workout a bit more than I did today. I’d really like to get my walking in. Right now, I walk from the bathroom to the couch and i’m exhausted.

I am happy with my numbers and I’ll post those on Friday when I do my weekly taping. Today, however, my waist is between 41 and 41.5 – which if I get to 41 it’ll be the smallest I’ve been in like 13 years or something. I’m hoping that the weight drop continues on.

I’m so exhausted I’m going to leave this as the update. Maybe I’ll get the streaming station set up this weekend and do some twitch streams on various items. If I have the energy that’s what I’ll do.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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