Day 3277

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

This last, almost 2 years has included 18 months of the most extreme stress of my life. It was far more stressful than Iraq ever was. Probably because emotional stress is far worse for me to handle due to avoiding conflict, where Iraq seemed to be more physical stress and I didn’t notice the emotional stress. In any case, rough 18 months. During that time I struggled to get in workouts. It’s hard to see the path when you’re blinded all of the time. I’ve spent about 3 months now getting my mind out of the stress it was under and into a more relaxed state. And it has worked.

My life has managed to calm down. I’m in a great place with SERINDA and the project. I’m in a great place at home. So now it’s time to get back to my ideal state. I gave myself a challenge to start with 30 days of the same activities to make them habit and then at 30 days keep extending that by 30 days until the end of 2021.

The list is super simple. I’ve narrowed my scope of external projects for the year to only a few things that way I have one set of items to focus on so I don’t get distracted by other “projects” I’d like to do. I can work on these until they’re done and then add some new project. However, I’m restricting to only these things. This will be the first year I’ve not had 100 things I want to get done. I’ve got the todo list and 100 things on that. So the items on my list are completing SERINDA for v2 release then adding features and enhancements, QR code app for cataloging items, Cherokee work – finish conjugation engine and enhancing the dictionary site, date stuff, finish the house, and I have a game I’ve been working on entitled Away Team that I’m excited about. That’s it. If I complete any of those then I can add items from my todo list.

My daily list. I have meditate 10 mins, walk 5000 steps, exercise 30 mins, stretching 10 mins, dance 30-60 mins, Cherokee studies 15 min, Spanish 15 mins, memorization 30 minutes, get up at the same time daily. That’s my goal for every day in 2021.

I think that’s where I’m going to end for now. You’ll notice my goal isn’t to eat better or lose weight. Those items will just happen.

Until next time, dodadagohvi.

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