Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey welcome back.

I have managed to add some functionality that I’m very happy with. I added a tracker that you can select an x and y and how big you want the tracking area and it will track that area. I mounted the screen to an AR/MX view and that works ok. I need to be able to adjust the brightness so that the view isn’t overpowering. Meaning, when I look through the AR/MX view it is so bright it blocks out the regular view. I would love to be able to make my display like the other AR/MX displays and only show the portions I want and the rest is “transparent” so-to-speak. However, I’m using a browser so I cannot do that. Maybe there’s a way I can create a Unity view or something that displays the HTML. I’ll have to worry about that at some other point. For now, I’ll “suffer” with not being able to “see” everything.

The next features I want to add are the ability to screenshot where the region of interest (ROI) is that I just added a tracker for. The next item I’m adding is speed reading. This item is encapsulating a couple items. I need to load a PDF or text file. Turn that PDF or text file into usable text. Display that text in individual words that I can speed up and slow down. Also display the text in 1-2 sentences, or more, chunks so I can try to memorize them faster. The idea is that I can train my brain to remember larger pieces of information. Eventually, I’m going to expand this to images where I am presented with a small portion of a larger image and inside that image are objects that I am quizzed on (ala Psyche – how many hats are in the room?). The view is increased with each image until I can remember a larger set of information in images. The goal of these two pieces of work is that I can increase my memorization and focus.

That’s all or now I think. I’m going to focus on these items and we’ll see how that goes.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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