Day 3589

ᎣᏏᏲ. ᏙᎯᏧ? Hey, welcome back!

I hit some burnout with some of the projects I was working on so I had to put them to the side for the time being. It’s been 14 days since my last post and I’m still not consistent. I’m averaging a workout every other day. Even if it’s not going to be a full workout I need to do something and I’m not. The good news is that I’m pushing pretty hard and not sore the next day. So I’ll keep that level of effort and just make sure I’m consistent.

It’s finally turned really cold here – and by really cold I mean in the 50s in the morning and overnight can go down to like 35-45. That means that walking is much more difficult since I walk with shorts and a tshirt and it’s a bit too cold for me to walk. I don’t own sweat pants nor some kind of workout sweatshirt. I’ve been doing my cardio on the elliptical instead.

The elliptical kills me when I’m wearing the weight vest and putting the resistance to 10. It’s really difficult. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my workouts on the elliptical. It’s still not where I’d like to be. When I first started I wasn’t even able to push 30s. Now I’m at 90s or so before my body craps out. I need to make it 6 minutes minimum. The one thing I’m good about when I’m doing something in person instead of on a machine is pushing through. I used to do ruck marches in the army and would just trudge through them to the end. It never occurred to me to stop once I got started. Part of this is because once you get out so far there’s no one coming to get you. So I’d just keep walking because as soon as I got to the end then I could be done. the more I stopped or slowed down the longer it was going to take. On an elliptical, it’s easier to just stop and get off.

I’ve not been going harder than last time… I’ve been going super harder than last time… I’m not changing what I said. What I need to do is pare down the workouts so I can build up. I’m going to cut each workout down to 2 sets of each. The time on the elliptical I’ll have to work my way up starting with easy for like 10 mins. Then moderate for 10 mins (either vest or resistance). Followed by hard for 10 mins – both vest and resistance. And then easy for 10 mins. If I can accomplish this once a day then I’ll be doing great. When I can do this twice a day I’ll be doing excellent.

I’ve been fighting the clock because I don’t know when my physical fitness test will be. I should, instead, trust that I’ll be able to pass the test. Slow is steady, steady is fast. And moving forward with something each day is far better than nothing for half the time. There are 57 days left in this workout cycle. It’ll get me into a shape that I can improve upon. Whether I pass the physical fitness test or not I’ll still be improving.

It’s difficult to have anxiety about something and be able to concentrate on anything else. Working out helps, but I have crippling anxiety that I need to overcome. This is my way of pushing through it. I need to start making short videos to update my progress.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi. ᏙᏓᏓᎪᎲᎢ.

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