Day 3642

ᎣᏏᏲ. ᏙᎯᏧ? Hey, welcome back!

The last 2 weeks haven’t turned out the way I would have hoped. I wasn’t able to do the workouts I wanted. I tried. I did my best. I got some workout in. I didn’t get much of a workout each time. The first week I was dealing with the ability to catch my breath and fatigue. It was horrible. Since then, I’ve been dealing with cold-like symptoms. Now, whether or not any of these are related to the coronavirus or a rhinovirus I don’t know. Both feel the same to me.

I did some tests to see where I was physically. As it turns out, I can hold a plank for nearly ever. I can do farmer’s carries for also nearly ever. I haven’t tried sprints. That’ll come later today. The one thing I cannot do is more than one pushup.

Since October, I’ve focused on wearing a weight vest to do my workouts. I have stood for many hours wearing a weight vest. I have done lunges, shoulder presses, steps, squats, TRX chest presses, etc all with a weight vest. I have not done pushups with or without a weight vest. I know I’m doing pushups with more weight than I weighed when I entered basic training. What I mean is when you do a push up you’re not pushing your entire weight. The weight I’m pushing up is more than the 160 I was when I went to BCT in 1993. I don’t feel bad about that. I wish I could do more than 2. I’ve been doing pushups (ok A pushup) every time I think about it. To define a pushup I’m doing, it’s the shoulders breaking the plane when you go down and extending my arms all the way.

There’s more work to do. I’ll have morning workouts for an hour. I plan to do an evening workout for an hour. The evening workout will be to emphasize items during the morning workout that I had a problem with. So, if it’s pushups I had a problem with then I’ll do more pushups, but slightly incline with weight or knee pushups with weight, TRX chest presses… yes with weight. There’ll probably also be some long runs and hill runs. I mean I know how to get my run time down. Granted I weighed 100 pounds less the last time I did it I can do it again. I don’t expect to run a mile in 5 mins or less. I just expect to be able to run 2 miles without stopping as well as sprinting for 30s at a time and not being completely out of breath. The goal is to get into a fit shape that I get to a maintenance phase and habit of doing a workout in the morning and make it a priority.

I don’t really have much left to say. Today sucks as far as admin work goes. I’ve got to get the car registered. So yay, DMV day.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi. ᏙᏓᏓᎪᎲᎢ.

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