TRX – W2D3

The day started off with a weight loss of 1 pound – down to 282.4 – I felt like i was stuck at 284-287 forever.

I then did a 45 minute walk at almost 2.75 miles through the countryside.

I didn’t have time to exercise TRX all day.  I had a headache which I drank water until I urinated clear and it didn’t go away.  I couldn’t figure it out all day.  I had a 16oz Coke just in case it was caffeine related; it wasn’t.  I finally took 200mg IB before my evening walk.  While I was walking I think I figured out that it was because of the sun.  I don’t spend a lot of time outside and twice in 12-14 hours I spent over an hour in the sun.  I think that the headache was from baking, not being overheated, just baking.  Idk for sure though and I could be completely wrong.

I went out after work and did another 34 min walk.  When I returned home I did a full TRX workout.

Up to this point I’ve been unable to do spiderman pushups nor the hamstring curls (well not the hamstring curls correctly).  Tonight I was able to do 4 spiderman pushups per leg – the other 4 per leg I did regular pushups.  For the hamstring curls, I was able to go to Level 1 and do 10 in a row (not ever happened before).

One other point to note, while walking my lower back started hurting which I assume was from the walk.  I stretched some so maybe it’ll be better.

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