TRX – W2D2

This workout was not as intense, in terms of struggling, as my first week was.  I accomplished everything in this workout.  I had some issues with one-legged burpees that I had to resolve by not using the straps.  I couldn’t maintain balance after doing a bunch of leg work that wore me out.

Pike – I was able to do all of the Pikes – and they killed my abs.  I did 5 Pikes during each set (10 total)  I was very happy that I was able to do them.  My abs probably haven’t ever lifted that much weight before.

Hamstring Runner – my hamstrings are still quite painful from the other hamstring workouts so I didn’t lift myself up on all of these.  I did the exercises with tension and some by lifting my butt, but not all of them.

Body Saw – they killed a little, but I did as many as I could with Level 3 (on hands) vs Level 2 (on elbows)

The end of the day also brought a 32 minute walk through the countryside.

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